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We are a global non-profit organization made up of people with an open mind and spirit whose only desire is to learn, investigate, and publicize different specialties in integrative medicine for the health of human beings. Our organization is made up of doctors, health professionals in all specialties, and also brings together all those interested and determined to take control of their own health.

Our Mission is to raise the awareness of all people, not only health professionals, promoting the study and responsible therapeutic use of CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) whose creator Dr. hc Andreas Ludwig Kalcker is our honorary member.
We also disseminate and provide training on different therapies with a holistic approach and integrative medicine, putting into practice mechanisms, methods and techniques to achieve the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual well-being of the human being.

Help us so that more and more people have the opportunity to learn about new therapies and integrative health methods to obtain a better quality of life.

"Live healthier and happier."

Who can participate?

Doctors, Therapists, Researchers, Lawyers, Health Professionals and the general public who seek with their experience, knowledge and goodwill to help other people improve their health and in extreme situations even save their lives.

We also join people with the spirit to study and learn more about integrative medicine to improve their health and that of their loved ones.

Organizations, Associations and entrepreneurs who want to join this great purpose are welcome to our community.

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Our story

Find out how the Coalition was created and foundedn World Health and Life (COMUSAV Mundial).

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Enter the following link and purchase the book bye-bye covid written by our honorary member Dr hc Andreas Kalcker, biophysicist of German origin and creator of Chlorine Dioxide in the form of CDS and discover different details of our history and how it is that today CDS is an approved substance in Bolivia, the first country where there is a Law (1351) for its elaboration, commercialization and free use to combat COVID19.

History of Chlorine Dioxide

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