6.- By what routes can Chlorine Dioxide be administered?

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By what routes can Chlorine Dioxide be administered?

Excerpt: COMUSAV Conference of 31.Jul.2021
Dr. Manuel Aparicio

The beauty of chlorine dioxide in the form of CDS is that it can be administered by virtually any route.

Obviously, the only one that can be administered intravenously is the form of CDS, and ideally, it is the one that is obtained by electrolysis; which has a much friendlier pH; having fewer particles; which causes less phlebitis.

We have managed to buffer the pH of the chlorine dioxide with bicarbonate so that it does not cause any intravenous disturbance.

And I included the patients, now I have 6 pregnant patients under treatment, two of them with severe pneumonia that are with chlorine dioxide.

I recommend that pregnant women take better the dioxide obtained by electrolysis because it is purer and is much better for pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding, who can take it perfectly. Have it taken by electrolysis because it is even more pure.

But we can administer the dioxide orally, by enema, skin, intravenous.

We can do a nasal protocol in gargles when there are nasal symptoms, or in throat problems, it can even be done by nebulization. This has to be something very controlled, in very small doses that are microscopic. We are talking about dioxide drops, they are macroscopic doses; are millions of molecules of chlorine dioxide. This has to be strictly supervised by doctors.

Personally, in patients with pneumonia, dioxide by nebulization with physiological solution and three drops of chlorine dioxide has worked excellently for me. Three drops is more than enough.

That's the kindness in chlorine dioxide, which can be administered by any route. and believe me that must be supervised by a doctor, especially the routes that are not the ordinary ones. (Intravenous and nebulization) Always under the supervision of trained personnel.


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