"Neurofocal Dentistry"

Saturday -June 25, 2022

14:00 p.m. Mexico City, Colombia, Ecuador.
15:00 p.m. Bolivia, Chile, Puerto Rico, Venezuela.
16:00 p.m. Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay.
21:00 p.m. Germany, Spain, Switzerland.

47.00 Euros
 ($50.30 USD approximately)

It is essential to read before registering:

– First the payment is made and then, automatically, you are redirected to the registration form. This step is very important because if you do not register you will not be able to access the Master Class even if you have paid. The payment platform and the registration platform are independent.

– Once you have registered you will receive a confirmation message with the room link (you will receive it in the email you used to register and its sender will be LVWG.ORG).

– You will also receive an email with the payment receipt. (You will receive it in the email that you have put in the payment form and its sender will be STRIPE Solowebinars).

– It is very likely that these emails will reach the Spam tray (junk mail or junk mail). Please look for these emails both in the received mail box and in the Spam, promotions or notifications box.

– If, for any reason, you have paid but you have not registered or you cannot find the registration confirmation email containing the link to the room, contact us immediately by sending an email to [email protected]  and enclosing your proof of payment. Do not waste time because it will be much easier and faster for us to help you.

– You will obtain your digital certificate of attendance at the Master Class 30 business days after the meeting is over. The certificate will be filled in with your name and surname with which you registered. Said certificate will be sent to the email address indicated in the registration form.

NOTE: Once you have already received the confirmation email with the entry link to the Master Class, there is no possibility of claim or refund.

To register press the following button


To all those people interested in the neurological vision of dentistry. It is not necessary to be a professional in the field.

  1. Click on the red button that says “Sign up here”.
  2. Next, a page will appear with the information of the Master Class and at the bottom right you must click on the red button that says «Register».
  3. A window will appear that says “Proceed to pay”, click on that button.
  4. Next, a payment form appears that you have to fill in with your card details (this is the payment form and is only used to pay, not to register for the Master Class).
  5. Finally, a final screen appears, which is the registration form, where you have to enter your data to register for the Master Class. (this last step is essential because if you do not fill out this form you will not appear as registered and you will not receive the email with the link to access the class).


Keep in mind that the payment website and the registration website are independent and that you pay first and then register. In this way you will receive two emails:


– The first contains the payment receipt and is sent by “Stripe Solowebinars” (it will be sent to the email address you have put in the payment form).

– The second contains the registration confirmation and the access link to the Master Class and is sent by LVWG.ORG (it will be sent to the email address you have entered in the registration form).

If this has happened, it is because you have not filled in the registration form with your data (the registration form is different from the payment form and belongs to a different platform).

In this case, you should quickly contact us by sending an email to [email protected] attaching proof of payment and indicating your name, surnames and email so that we can register you manually.

Once this is done, we will register you and you will receive a confirmation email with the entry link to the Master Class.

In this case, it is very likely that the confirmation email is in the Spam (or Junk) mailbox, please look in that mailbox. In addition, and depending on the email client, the email may be located in the "Notifications" or "Promotions" tray.


If you still cannot find the email, contact us immediately by sending an email to [email protected].

When you have registered you have received a registration confirmation email containing a link to access the Master Class. You will also receive reminders during the previous days that also contain the link to the Master Class.

Clicking on the link you received will open a tab in your browser where a countdown will appear with the time remaining until the start of class. At the scheduled time a screen like this will appear and you must click on the center of it to start the class. (where the red arrow indicates).

The Master Class will be recorded and will be available for 48 hours after its celebration so that you can see it if, for any reason, you were unable to see it on the day of its celebration.

At the end of the Master Class we will send you an email that will contain the link of the recording (note that the recording is not a video that can be played forward or backward, it is as if you were attending live).

Of course, the payment and registration platforms are independent. All you have to do is enter the attendee's registration data in the registration form, which is the last step of the entire process.


You just have to keep in mind that if you contact us with any request for help or claim, you have to attach proof of payment (which the person who has paid will have) and the name, surnames and email of the person who has registered. 

The payment platform used is called "Stripe" and allows payment with a wide variety of debit and credit cards, as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay.


It is the only form of payment that we have.

Yes, after 30 business days you will receive a certificate of attendance in digital format issued by the LVWG (Liechtensteiner Verein für die Wissenschaft und Gesundheit) and signed by Dr. Blanca Bolaño and Dr. Eduardo Insignares.


You will receive it in the email with which you have registered for the Master Class


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