The first Center for Research in Latin America of the Andreas Kalcker Foundation is inaugurated.

Last Saturday, November 13, 2021, in the City of Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico, the first Andreas Kalcker Foundation Research Center which will be destined to continue with research and training in the use and management of Chlorine Dioxide (CDS).

This building is located in Ave Cubilete 2955 of the municipality of Zapopan Jalisco, It has solar panels and an intelligent design, with more than 1500 m2, it was donated by the Association «Work Free of Addictions» preceded by Eng. Moisés Rosado.


During the inauguration, we had the privilege of having the presence of Dr. hc Andreas Ludwig Kalcker ,. "Impossible is just an opinion" thus began his speech, especially thanks to all those who supported his main purpose from the beginning: Save Lives. At his side he could not miss his distinguished wife Rama Karni, whom he met on Mexican soil.

Among the attendees, we had the presence of Dr. Manuel Aparicio Alonso, President of COMUSAV Mundial, Colonel Medical Surgeon Pedro Chávez Zavala, President of COMUSAV Mexico, Gonzalo Arcos and Tannia Bayas, co-founders of the Coalition, communicators Karla Revollo , Director of Communication of COMUSAV Mundial, Verónica del Castillo Director of Communication of COMUSAV México and Ethel Soriano Director of PR at COMUSAV Mundial, among other personalities and members of the board of directors of our organization.

This building represents one of the most important satisfactions for our honorary member Andreas Kalcker for all the seeds sown with tireless work and research for more than 15 years on chlorine dioxide.9

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COMUSAV Mundial thanks each of the people who made this important advance possible, organizers, assistants and volunteers who tirelessly work so that all humanity has access to true medicine with full health.

We especially thank the Addiction Free Work Association for your donation already WAOPlanet for covering the broadcast of this event.

Ave. Cubilete 2955 Col. Rinconada del Sol
Zapopan Jalisco, Mexico.

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