7.- In what cases is Intravenous Chlorine Dioxide (CDI) handled?

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In which cases is Intravenous Chlorine Dioxide (CDI) handled?

Excerpt: COMUSAV Conference of 31.Jul.2021
Roberto Pérez, Dr. Raúl Fontana, Dr. hc Andreas Ludwig Kalcker

When should ICD (intravenous chlorine dioxide) be started? And, for how long could it be administered? If Dr. Raúl Fontana can help us with this question.

We know that the ICD is only recommended to be used by a medical professional, who is the one who dominates. But, Dr. what could you tell us about this question? How to start and for how long to administer it?

This question is very interesting, because it gives us the opportunity to clarify many things. People like the new, the new, they say: "The CDI came out and I want CDI", as a novelty, as something beautiful.

I have many people who tell me: “I want to put the CDI”.

But we forget that medicine does not work that way; everything has an indication according to established parameters.

And although this is not a matter that is investigated by renowned laboratories. Yes, there is already a consensus and enough experience among COMUSAV doctors to establish a basic protocol; where there is a patient who qualifies for the CDI and other patients who do not.

Particularly in my experience, I only use it in extremely serious patients; where there can be no other way; where there is no possibility of an oral route; where there is no possibility of an enema; where even the use of a vaporizer or spray is difficult because the patient is already on a respirator.

So, the CDI must be from the medical field. It is not for general use.

We see that anyone (paramedic or therapist) can use CDS orally, topically, ophthalmologically, vaginally, rectally and even in any area of ​​the skin and body without any problem.

However, the ICD, since it is already moderately invasive, a procedure that requires a technique and an application, even to channel a vein, must be in the professional field; of a person trained for those purposes and that can be used.

Unfortunately we have seen many iatrogens, that is, negative effects of people who have used it improperly; even people who have put pure concentrate at 3000 ppm through their veins and have called us and it has really been outrageous.

So, I think that this topic is a little overwhelmed, because a feast has been made of it. The ICD works very well, but we also have other routes that work very well, such as the use of enemas.

Recently we have been treating a patient in another country with the enemas, the nebulizations, because he could hardly take it orally anymore. The patient recovered 100% without any problem.

We know that our colleagues in Mexico have very interesting experience, also very extensive in this regard and, I say again: the CDI used in the appropriate way and under the right conditions is also a powerful tool.

But what about the CDI? We know that everything that occurs at the level of the veins, any infiltration over time will always produce inflammation or phlebitis; in the case of the CDI it is reproduced in a very short time.

So, if the patient requires us to intervene with the intravenous and we have no other way, phlebitis is the least of the problems because we are saving a life.

However, when they do not require it, then people begin to feel discomfort and begin to feel certain discomfort due to itching, burning, or inflammation of the veins.

I believe that the correct thing is always to use defined clinical parameters: (1) that there is no other way; (2) the severity of the patient's condition; (3) apply it effectively using, not the CDS that we use orally, but one prepared for that purpose and that is under the supervision of a health practitioner.

That's what's important.

In principle, I applaud everything that Dr. Fontana has said. It's totally like that!

And then even Note that only doctors fall under paragraph 37 of Helsinki. Nobody else. In other words, doctors are the only ones who are legally authorized to use the intravenous ICD. Nobody else!

That there is an exception because you are in the deep jungle that is a separate issue.

I recommend to all doctors, first of all, to use it, to make a training. Both in Mexico and in other countries, COMUSAV is conducting training. Dr. Chavez is doing a lot too.

And I would also like to take the opportunity here to announce that in the end, after a few months of work, together we have achieved Dr. Insignares, Dr. Blanca Bolaño, Dr. Chávez, Dr. Aparicio, Dr. Fontana, and even Engineer Martin; we have now made a seminar for those who want more than a simple training, they can also do it.

And that is very important, because in this seminar we want to avoid problems, right?

The worst problem we have had is phlebitis, nothing more. But we want them to do it well, because it cannot be that someone, due to ignorance, puts a concentrate in the veins.

When I was listening to this Mamma Mia! It is not how it should be done and that is very important.

So, for doctors to have knowledge, there are two courses: one is the master What am I doing, biophysics? But now there is, from today, the course where all those present here in this seminar, in this conference really are and where they really are, clinically and above all, also academically describing everything very well and in great detail.

That's a medical course mainly or health personnel in this case, so as not to make mistakes. Because we don't want to make anyone make mistakes and everything is very well described there.

So, I want to say thank you here, also for the collaboration of the doctors present, thank you all very much.


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