5.- Is Chlorine Dioxide only for sick people?

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Is Chlorine Dioxide only for sick people?

Excerpt: COMUSAV Conference of 31.Jul.2021
Roberto Perez, Dr. Manuel Aparicio


Is chlorine dioxide only for sick people?

Can I use it if I'm healthy?

How would you use it if you were healthy?

A very interesting question. It is definitely for anyone. You don't have to be sick to consume chlorine dioxide, especially today when we are in a pandemic situation where infections are seen more and more continuously.

We are going through a very strong third wave in Mexico and obviously it is preferable not to get infected. That is why we recommend consuming chlorine dioxide preventively so that our body is in good condition, if we come into contact with the virus.

We have already verified that the preventive effectiveness of chlorine dioxide, regardless of the variants, is above 90%, if a family member who is in contact with a COVID patient takes chlorine dioxide; At recommended doses, we are currently recommending at least 15 ml of chlorine dioxide in 24 hours.

What Andreas commented just now is very important. “Chlorine dioxide is not about consuming a volume or an amount in a short time, but the frequency, the frequency is very important; distributing it properly throughout the day”.

The "C-protocols” are perfectly described and those 10 hours have to be done, because many people are shortening the protocols for convenience and it is very important to do it during the 10 hours; respect the times for food, respect the times for other medications so that chlorine dioxide has the action that we really need to prevent COVID.

Specifically answering the question: Is it advisable to take it preventively?

Absolutely! A person who is not sick can take it, they must take it in these times of pandemic.

Right then I understand. 

And a person who is an athlete?

I have already heard from several athletes who are using it. Over there, a deep-sea diver contacted me, who is consuming chlorine dioxide and showed me his times and they improved by 20%. That's crazy! They measure an efficiency in seconds and improved their times in depth by 20% and it is due to chlorine dioxide.

Why? Because it increases bioavailable oxygen.

We know it perfectly because of its two oxygen atoms that break off from the chlorine ion and become bioavailable oxygen and enhance athletes.

There are several athletes who use it. Even in Bolivia there is a 2nd division team that is using it to see the performance of the players and they are studying it.

We will have news for you soon.


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