4.- Does CDS affect metal implants?

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Does CDS affect metal implants?

(Such as dental implants and/or prosthetics in the body)

Excerpt: COMUSAV Conference of 31.Jul.2021
Dr. hc Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, Roberto Pérez


The implants are stainless. I am not aware of any cast iron implant that rusts. So, it does not affect any implant.


When you refer to implants, do you mean those that are placed in the teeth…?


To dental implants… any type of metallic implant is stainless. Of course, they are resistant to oxidation and we are talking about minute quantities, they are molecules. It is not an aggressive oxidant at any time.

The dioxide works by size, when the pathogen is smaller, then it oxidizes it. That is to say, a virus is tremendously small, that of the coronavirus is three times smaller than the ultraviolet light that we cannot see; The bees see it, but we don't.

And then, well, it's like if I want to light a cotton ball with a match, it's very easy; but I can't light a trunk, which would be a red blood cell, which is giant, 5 or 10 times bigger than the virus itself.

So, we can be calm, it is not going to oxidize things in these doses that we are talking about. In any case, it will not have or do any damage because it is also more than proven. There are thousands and thousands of doctors who are applying it and I am very happy about this too.

So, it is a safe, non-toxic substance, because to get intoxicated, I would have to take almost 30 grams of the gas.

Beware of gas!

Imagine, with what the carbonated water gas weighs, it weighs nothing, but 30 grams dissolved in water, for 14 days: Impossible!

I would have to drink 20 liters every day of the concentrate. It is not possible for two reasons: (1) because I am not going to drink 20 liters; and (2) if I would take the concentrate or just a drink, I am going to spit it out directly, because it is a self-alarming substance, that is, you spit it out, you cannot swallow it.


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