9.- Does CDS affect the kidneys?

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Does CDS affect the kidneys?

Excerpt: COMUSAV Conference of 31.Jul.2021
Roberto Perez, Dr. Manuel Aparicio

(Roberto Perez):
At the kidney level, what is the behavior and secondary reactions? Which are? Do they vary according to each metabolism? What risks can you have with the chlorine dioxide protocol?

If you allow me to answer that because we already have the evidence with laboratory studies, before and after chlorine dioxide, perfectly normal renal function is maintained in healthy patients.

In sick patients, in this case, patients who were patients with COVID, some of them with figures outside the normal range of creatinine, with elevated levels of BUN, urea, etc. And these, without exception after treatment with chlorine dioxide improved their renal function parameters.

Chlorine dioxide, far from affecting the kidney, will improve its function.

Now, if we are going to give preventive treatment or COVID treatment to a kidney patient: for example, a patient who is on dialysis or hemodialysis, we have to start with low doses so that he has an adequate adaptation period and obviously limiting the intake of fluids from according to the limitations of the patient.

But it does not affect the kidney at all, quite the opposite.

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