2.- Where can I get Chlorine Dioxide?

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Where can I get Chlorine Dioxide?

Excerpt: COMUSAV Conference of 31.Jul.2021
Roberto Perez, Dr. Manuel Aparicio 


(Robert):How could people get it? Do they buy it themselves? Do they make it themselves?


(Manuel):Let's see, here, it is very important, for example, people who do not know how to do it and want to do it at home, that they are well trained; let them see the videos in the Andrea's page so that they know how to prepare it well. (

Because I have run into many errors, especially in times; that there is confusion in the times; that they do it in 12 hours and then do another 12-hour cycle instead of two 24-hour cycles; that put a lot of volume of liquid, then the liquid does not saturate properly in the water. Many technical errors, therefore, whoever wants to do it at home, which is completely valid, should do it according to the advice in the Master Andreas Kalcker's page.

And good, we officially don't have any list, for the same reason that the authorities have persecuted some people who have marketed chlorine dioxide.

So what I recommend to those people who want to obtain chlorine dioxide: that they approach in each country or in each city with the doctors who are representing COMUSAV.

And that they themselves give them the indication of who they can get it with. Me, it's what I do on time.

The patient tells me: I live in Chihuahua.

Well, there in Chihuahua, we know that this engineer or this chemist or this person has quality chlorine dioxide and that he does it according to the process that is required and with him you can get it.

Because there we can fall into deception and people who can sell a chlorine dioxide that is not of the appropriate quality and even more serious, that it is some other substance that masquerades as chlorine dioxide.

So they have to be very careful with that.


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