8.- How can Seawater and Chlorine Dioxide be used?

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How can Seawater and Chlorine Dioxide be used?

Excerpt: COMUSAV Conference of 31.Jul.2021
Roberto Pérez, Dr. h.c. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker

How can we use seawater and chlorine dioxide? Can they be mixed?

They don `t mix? Are they taken separately? Some amount, let's say in Protocol C, in Protocol F?

Let's start there.

This can. Yes, it's in the book, besides, it's posted. In the short term it can be mixed because it turns out that in the medium or long term there are substances in the seawater that oxidize. In other words, there is oxidation. In the short term it's not that much of a problem because I'm taking it and the gas obviously expands in the stomach and is absorbed by the body quickly.

But I can't store it, that is, I can mix it with a little bit of sea water, if I want. Some people do it, for taste. They like. In addition, we have had some results that are good.

Now seawater is not the same as water with salt. You have to differentiate. Sea water contains all the elements of the periodic table and is very different in this case, although both are salty. No?

Then you have to take into account: short-term with seawater, no problem; long-term or save it, so I keep it in a bottle with sea water, this does not.


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