Cofepris vs. Chlorine dioxide

The republic of letters

Journalist Humberto Musacchio

July 30th,2020

Among its functions, the Cofepris (Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks) has the control and surveillance of health establishments and those that process products or offer services for the same purpose; the prevention of the harmful effects of environmental factors, occupational health and basic sanitation; the control of the donation of human tissues and organs - we must assume that also their trafficking -, research and transplants. It must prevent the circulation and sale of so-called “miracle products”, illegal (and legal?) Cigarettes, adulterated alcohol, and even personal care items.

As can be seen, Cofepris has too much work and cannot do everything. For example, a few days ago a Belgian company gave you a thousand rapid tests for the detection of covid-19, each of which costs 200 euros. However, until now, no one knows where the happy evidence is, nor does Cofepris report its whereabouts.


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