18.-Cancer and CDS

Cancer and CDS

Excerpt: COMUSAV Conference of 31.Ju1.2021
Roberto Pérez, Dr. hc Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, Dr. Pedro Chávez, Dr. Raúl Fontana

Well, I want to close. We have almost reached the limit, but we have many questions that have to do with cancer.

And I would like to take advantage of all of you. Make like a mini panel and they can tell us ideas, things, that can be done with cancer.

Obviously including all types of cancer, therapies, what is cancer?

All those questions that patients already ask you.

Let's see how this works out somehow so we don't have to cover the questions individually.

I think that would be another whole Saturday. Because cancer is not just a disease.

There are many, okay?

There are 64 different types of cancers; it is a sarcoma, a carcinoma, etc. It is very complex.

The troublesome thing is: everything we say here is taken to mean one way, by the way. And it is not that easy. No.

In addition to this, I believe that it is the doctors who must do it in combination with the patient.

Because each cancer has different things; (1) a very strong component of trauma, most, almost all. There is a trauma that must be resolved, on the one hand.

And on the other hand, (2) has a very different background; that is, two people who have lung cancer do not have to belong to the same causality.

So it is the doctor who must analyze the specific cancer patient and then see in the buttonhole, layer by layer until deciding: this is the best way.

Because I am sure that Dr. Chávez, who is treating many patients, does not treat them the same even if it is the same type of cancer.

Dr. Pedro, what do you think about it?

Yes, totally, especially in cancer is when the treatment has to be more individualized.

In fact, cancer is very complex in its own right. Sometimes there are things that they have in common, I mean, like trauma, right?

That in most of the times, unfortunately it is in the family, or parts of the family or work.

So this is a must see part.

I believe that cancer must be seen as a complex therapy for everyone so that people can do their analysis. And it's not just taking chlorine dioxide. In some cases yes.


We have cases where people have just taken the chlorine dioxide and recovered.

So let them start with Protocol C and gradually increase the dose to what they can tolerate. This definitely goes well in any cancer, because in any cancer, as the only common denominator, there is an acidosis.

But it's not just acidosis.

You have to ask yourself: what causes acidosis? It's so much the food, as Dr. Chavez was saying earlier. There can be many factors that are there, even the magnetic telephone towers. There are many factors to analyze specifically.

Others, medications. There are many drugs that can cause cancer. Because there are people who take medication.

  • "Hey, take this for life!"


There are many things here that can really be the cause and only the doctor in the office can really analyze this when he has the complete knowledge, I think.

I agree, we really have to individualize the cases and above all analyze it from different perspectives because management will not depend only on chlorine dioxide in most patients.

The emotional part, the nutritional part, the resistance, the genetic part, the environmental, chemical, histopathological components, that is, we have a whole great amalgam of situations that must be analyzed.

We would like to pack it all up and have a magic formula, but we don't really have it, that doesn't exist.




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