17.-What types of cancer can Chlorine Dioxide treat?

¿In what types of cancer can Chlorine Dioxide be treated?? 

Excerpt: COMUSAV Conference of 26.Jun.2021
Dr Pablo Carvajal

Chlorine dioxide works for all cancers, because it is an acid problem. So here we can change the surnames, but it will still work for everyone; what happens is: time, concentration and routes of administration.

There we are in the matter, yes?

We have to work that way or it can also be orally. It can be topically. It can be rectally. It can be via intravenous.

We have to use everything!

If we have and we had listened very masterfully to what Dr. Darío López said: “cancers take time to grow, but we want that in a month, two months we solve everything”.

No Please!

We have to make a protocol for each patient, work with that protocol, and regulate the doses.

Understand: cancer is a lack of oxygen and overgrowth of the cell that uses sugar fermentation to take in oxygen.

Please also change the diet! Get rid of the sugar!

For example: removing sugar must be radical. Tumor patient, cancer patient: take sugar out of your diet, period. Take sugar out of your diet!


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