16.-How should anticoagulants be taken if I take chlorine dioxide?

¿How should blood thinners be taken if I take chlorine dioxide??

Excerpt: COMUSAV Conference of 27.Nov.2021
Dr. Eduardo Insignares

We do not deliver public protocols, but the idea does. The idea is that chlorine dioxide produces an effect that improves what we define in medicine: blood rheology. That is to say, the behavior variables of the molecules within the blood improve their relationships and let's say that, to explain it in a very simple way and understand it: the blood becomes more liquid, it becomes more fluid, in a way close to what is natural.

When we have anticoagulation, how does the medication given to the patient have an anticoagulating effect in different areas, in different coagulation processes; what we always suggest is giving chlorine dioxide and rethinking the coagulation dose so as not to increase the patient's coagulation too much.

We do a prudent job, because there is only one medicine. For the same reason, as doctors, we have to have clear judgment criteria to be able to remove an anticoagulant.

In principle, whoever can remove an anticoagulant is the doctor according to his criteria. The general criteria then is: if I have chlorine dioxide available to me and I start taking it and if I am taking anticoagulants, I have to reduce the dose of anticoagulants that I take.

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