15.-Why does the CDS have to be used on an empty stomach?

¿Why the use of CDS has to be on an empty stomach?

Excerpt: COMUSAV Conference of 30.Oct.2021
Karla Revollo, Dr. Niurka Pérez

They ask us the following for you doctor: why does the use of the CDS have to be on an empty stomach?

Is it so? Is it inactive? Or, why is it recommended not to have it with food nearby? Does it cause damage?

What happens is that you have to understand that chlorine dioxide is absorbed in the walls of the stomach; then, if we have a stomach with food, it will be more difficult to absorb chlorine dioxide. Also, in the stomach it is 36, 37 degrees Celsius and chlorine dioxide evaporates at 11 degrees.

If I have a stomach that is recently full of food, it will be more difficult for chlorine dioxide to be absorbed by the stomach wall; that is, the ideal is to always separate it an hour from what we eat.

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