14.-Is there any pathology where it is not recommended to consume the CDS?

¿There is some pathology where it is not recommended to consume the CDS?

Excerpt: COMUSAV Conference of 28.Aug.2021
Dr. Manuel Aparicio

We have one exception to the rule, which is glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency. This genetic condition is "in theory" that patients do not tolerate any type of oxidative therapy. However, we have families with this pathological condition, who have consumed chlorine dioxide and have not had any problems.

So on paper we have that exception, and as my dear teacher commented, patients taking anticoagulants, specifically the type of acenocoumarin and the warfarin, can consume chlorine dioxide. But they have to monitor the INR levels to see how it is; that it does not last too long and that there is no risk of bleeding.

And also those insulin-dependent diabetics have to be closely monitored when consuming chlorine dioxide because they can fall into hypoglycemia. So they have to diet more continuously, diet in fifths at least and monitor their glucose levels.

Many of the insulin-dependent patients I have managed have had to reduce their insulin dose because the requirements are lower. So, in these three things is what I would mention, that there are no exceptions to the rule, but special care must be taken.


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