13.-Can a patient with gastritis consume CDS?

¿Can a patient with gastritis consume CDS?

Excerpt: COMUSAV Conference of 28.Aug.2021
Dr. Manuel Aparicio 

Patients who have gastritis, of course they can consume it too! It is recommended when we take it preventively, always start with low doses and make a gradual and progressive increase until reaching the desired dose. They should not suspend their usual medication, they should monitor their signs. For example, in the case of hypertensive always monitor your blood pressure to see that it does not decrease, because it can cause hypotension in synergy with the medication; if so, drug doses can be lowered or withdrawn.

As, for example, with diabetes, if a patient is taking his hypoglycemic medication, he can continue taking it but must monitor his glucose levels; that is, with any pathology it can be administered and can contribute to the medications that are treating that pathology, they should not be suspended.

The general rule is to separate at least an hour between the medications and their chlorine dioxide intake and if they see that their levels are being controlled, they could gradually reduce that medication.

In the case of gastritis, it is true that many patients are sensitive to chlorine dioxide, just as they can be sensitive to any other substance, and I repeat, there the key is: (1) modifying the diet, avoiding flour, sugar and dairy products; and (2) start with very low doses gradually increasing so that it is better tolerated.



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