12.-Is it possible to consume anticoagulants while consuming CDS?

¿It is possible to consume anticoagulants while consuming CDS?

Excerpt: COMUSAV Conference of 28.Aug.2021
Dr hc Andreas Ludwig Kalcker

Of course yes! Yes, anticoagulants can be used. Of course!

In fact Dr. Sandro Moncada and many others are also doing this on a daily basis. And it makes it very clear. In other words, there is no problem.

The question is as in all substances; You have to watch the levels. That is, if I have "warfarin", which is an exception or "coumadin", which is the famous "rat killer"; then I have to be clear that maybe I need less.

It is simply this, no more and no less.

There is no contraindication. Do not! What has happened from the beginning is that we have always acted within the maximum security. 

And that is precisely here what has saved us. We do not have, as in the case of vaccines, a list of 50.000 deaths, far from it. And because of this, always seeing with the principle “primum non nocere.” That is, first not to harm the patient.

We have been very careful, because of course, this substance as such is not legally authorized as an official medicine, except in Bolivia.

But we are clear that this substance, of course, can be used and is often used. Especially in serious cases in ICU issues because they don't see a fast enough progress in critical cases and there, of course, doctors have used anticoagulants. There is no direct drawback.

Now I repeat: You have to control the values ​​so as not to go overboard as with any medication.



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