11.-Why do most internet publications speak badly about Chlorine Dioxide?

Why do most of the publications on the internet speak badly about Chlorine Dioxide?

Excerpt: COMUSAV Conference of 28.Aug.2021
Dr. Eduardo Insignares, Karla Revollo

The subject of the attack on chlorine dioxide, for a long time you heard that I always raised that there seemed to be a confusion. Because we did not understand as scientists, that the arguments written in the documents that thousands of doctors already know are so clear; where it is validated that chlorine dioxide is not toxic and that it is an excellent virucide, if not the best.

So the question remains the same, Karla: why haven't they allowed clinical trials to appear and so on?

Someone raised a theory. It's a posibility. We are not claiming that it is true. But to authorize it as an emergency, the use of vaccines or treatments for a disease that has no treatment such as covid-19, accepted worldwide, it takes that there is no drug.

And we were a little concerned that there was no type of approval at the time or of hydroxychloroquine, which is highly attacked; ivermectin, which was not approved; and acetylcysteine, which now after 52 years has been withdrawn from the market.

The FDA banned the use of dietary supplements after 52 years; given the number of studies being done on acetylcysteine ​​in COVID, as a treatment for COVID.

And chlorine dioxide, not even. Only Bolivia allowed the possibility of clinical studies.

So it leaves us with a lot of concern and I think the answer is very clear in the environment. It is the reason why we believe that a lot appears, let's say attack, against the group that we work on in the investigation; based on those circumstances. Considering that they are not so scientific, really.

Well Dr., thank you very much for that clarification. What you mention is very important. Because it would definitely seem that the media, not even the official ones at least, find all the clinical studies that are really clear. Not only in COMUSAV, but also through the Andreas Kalcker's page (

If you can't really find them, here we make life easy for our media so they can finally spread the truth.

Journalists are for that.

We are not here to simply be given certain guidelines and communicate them as they are! We have to ask, we have to doubt!

And this goes not only for journalists, but also for people in general.

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